Systems that self-organise and learn

Software model design features

Differentiated through innovative, proprietary design
Go to Transparent


Our technology offers full transparency, allowing for full decision tracing ability. The simple question of “why” can be easily answered many times over.

Go to Complex


Markets are complex adaptive systems and we believe using systems with the same architecture allows for better outcomes.

Go to Emergent


With self-organization and learning, our systems arrives to new and coherent structures which enable actionable ideas ahead of competition.

Go to Repeatable


A software solution and modern systems architecture enables us to deliver consistently repeatable results.


As market conditions change, market participants adapt to new regimes. Our systems are similarly adaptive, monitoring shifts at scale.


The process begins with data, works on data, the outcome comes back into them market as input data. We do it at scale, 24/7/365.

Data agnostic

We ingest structured and unstructured data, from around the world, in multiple languages and formats. We love all data!

What does "ectropy" mean?

Our goals

We aim to be >10x better than competition.
Extract, transform, load, forecast data pipeline

Development requires domain knowledge across a number of disciplines, all of which are incorporated across a modular architecture. Deterministic logic is at the core our code. Combined with physical ontology of a particular module, a more detailed understanding and forecast of the dynamics of a system emerge.

  • Data ingestion is considerably faster, enabling us to respond ahead of competition

  • We validate data to increase accuracy and reduce risks of wrong conclusions.

  • Focusing on a few datapoints that "work" is no longer sufficient

  • Cognitive and emotional weaknesses are absent by construct.

Our Partners

Tirelessly helping us deliver our mission

We are a cloud-first, end to end digital company. Our best-in-class practices across multiple disciplines and lack of legacy costs allow us to adopt innovative, cutting edge technologies and processes in short timeframes.